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Supporting Vision Research

As a neuroradiologist in Birmingham, Ala., Ronald A. Lepke, M.D., took pride in delivering excellent care to his patients. Thanks to a caring and compassionate specialist at Bascom Palmer, he was able to continue his practice until he passed away in 2019.

When Ron was unable to find a diagnosis for his own vision problem, he began to search for a solution,” said his former wife and advocate, Alicia R. Lepke. “He learned about the research being done by Carol L. Karp, M.D., the Richard K. Forster Chair in Ophthalmology, and began traveling to Bascom Palmer. She became our friend and the savior of Ron’s vision.”

While receiving treatment at Bascom Palmer, Lepke became deeply interested in Karp’s research and left a $1.5 million gift in his estate to create the Ronald and Alicia Lepke Endowed Professorship Fund for Corneal and Ocular Surface Diseases in support of her research.

“Ron was a researcher at heart and would spend whatever time was needed to find the solution to a question about his patients,” said Alicia. “He had a great appreciation for Dr. Karp, both as a physician and a researcher. Ron respected her right out of the gate and never lost faith in her abilities. I wish I could adequately express what Dr. Karp’s brilliance, kindness and friendship has meant to both of us. She is a gift to each of her patients.”